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(xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • Hello, good morning love,hope you slept well? Have a wonderful day today, from Joe your sugar daddy

  • Harrassment on text and callfrom individual that knows a little about me

  • received a possible fishing scam letter/bank statement

  • They keep calling me about a student loan, that I've never had. They keep asking me for my social security number but I won't give it out.

  • Searches craigslist to use fraud cashier checks

  • While they identified themselves as key bank they are not. I called the number back and got a voice recording saying it was Allied Intern'l Collections.

  • Asked for me, wasnt here, wouldnt leave a message

  • <a href=>Cake in Kazan PP</a>

  • Sexual harassment, solicitation of sex from a minor, coercion.

  • who is this because I really don't know.