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(xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • I do not know who this caller is. They have called at least ten times. It is extremely obnoxious.

  • someone calling me and saying bad things to me

  • Person calls and hangs up

  • Unknown person calling

  • This number called my cell phone at 12:47a.m. No message was left. Since summer 2008 I have been getting a few calls here and there from all over the US. Some from Florida, some from right around my area, and all of them are numbers I dont recognize and have no clue who they are. I wonder if it has something to do with telemarketing?

  • Regarding the above number: When this fraudulent "company" was reported to Facebook it was removed IMMEDIATELY. If you try and cancel they "hold you hostage" on hold and refuse to pick up the call, even after you ask the automated "operator" to route you to the (phone) "billing" department. I HOPE THESE FRAUDSTERS GET CAUGHT AND PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY. Yeah, everyone knows phone scammers rarely get caught. Atleast my bank is nice enough to give me a refund on the $ they took!

  • Calls regarding solar service, asked where he got my cell phone number, he said "it just pops right up in front of him."

  • keeps calling me and say bad stuff and it is interuting my life.


  • Calls at all hours, at least twice a day. Doesn't leave a message. I believe it is a telemarketer and I wish they would either leave a message or quit calling!