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When Is It Safe to Answer A Call? 4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Phone Scams

Sadly, phone scams are showing no signs of stopping, and it is important that we protect ourselves from them in the best possible way. Now, first thing’s first, you need to learn about different phone scams and to pay attention if and when new ones appear. But even more importantly it is essential to get to know the right procedures to help in the prevention of loss of time, money, and energy due to phone scams.

So, in this article, we will examine 4 ways you can protect yourself and your families from a whole selection of phone scams that are currently being deployed.

Reverse phone lookup

Yes, it is as simple as that. Whenever an unknown number calls you simply hang up and use the reverse phone lookup you have bookmarked to check the number. You will get a complete listing and it will even be flagged as a scam number if that is the case. That will make it easier for you to decide on how to proceed.

If you discover that the unknown caller is your kid’s school or your doctor’s office, you can call them right back. But if it is a scam number or if it belongs to an unknown company, it is best to block it and report it. That way you can stay safe and eliminate chances of further calls.

Using a reverse phone lookup doesn’t take long, it is fast and safe, and you will have all the information you need to make the right call in just a few short clicks.

Never say ‘Yes”

This might sound strange, but it is actually very important. You will get questions like “Can you hear me?” or “Are you there?” just so that they can record you answering yes. Thew reason for this is quite simple. They can use that recording for either bank voice verification or to prove that you have agreed to something you haven’t and there goes your money.

This is precisely why it is essential never to answer questions from an unknown caller with yes, rather it can be something like “I can hear you just fine” or “I’m here”. This is a very important tip to remember. Also, the ‘yes’ soliciting question might not be at the beginning of your conversation but rather in the middle or near the end. That is why it is important to stay vigilant and ensure that you do not utter that word.

Government agencies and IT support will not ask for your data vie phone

Remember this. A lot of phone scams use the IRS or IT support to get you to disclose your personal information that they can later on use to extract money from you or your accounts. So, if someone calls claiming they are the IRS just hang up, it is as simple as that. The IRS will send what they need via mail with the official letterhead, and you can always run the phone number through the reverse phone lookup so that you are sure.

But so far there have been so many statements from various government agencies regarding this, and they all say the same thing, they will never ask for your data or payment via phone. So that is that you are under no obligation to take that call. Just hang up and report the call.

No, there is no giant prize!

We are sorry to burst your bubble, but there is simply no giant prize that you can win. So, a phone call informing you that you have won a million dollars or a trip to the Bahamas is a scam, it is as simple as that. The second they start asking for your personal information you know that there is something shady.

You cannot win a competition you haven’t agreed to participate in, and no one is willing to give you things for free. They will ask either for your personal information or for a bit of money, and it would seem like the least you can do to get that big prize. But while you are listening to their rubbish proposal, just enter the number into a reverse phone lookup search and you will get all the information on the caller, that will make it easier for you to simply say thank you but know without worrying if you have missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

We hope that these tips can help you stay safe and away from the phone scammers. We all need to save our time and nerves, and of course our money. And these guys are after all of it at the same time. So just remember, just hang up check the listing and make an educated decision that is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.